Santi products like under suits and accessories are covered by a 12 months warranty, while the complete range of Santi dry suits come with a 3 years warranty.
Dry suit warranty includes craftsmanship, seal of seams and fabric  apart from:

  • neck and wrist seals – 6 month warranty from date of purchase
  • dry metal zipper & boots – 12 months of warranty from date of purchase
  • airtight plastic zipper – 24 month of warranty from date of purchase

Note that the warranty period starts from the date when the suit was bought by the customer, so always keep the proof of purchase and ask for a warranty card from the seller.

Become part of the Santi Team and join the  “Stay Dry Club”
By registering your Santi product with the Stay Dry Club you will automatically receive the following benefits:

  • 5 year warranty on dry suits
  • Service Discount at Santi Headquarters
  • Free Leak Test at Santi Headquarters
  • Lifetime Warranty for SANTI Apeks Valves
  • Product Help Desk

If you experience any issues with your Santi gear, we encourage you to contact your authorized Santi dealer or Santi Canada directly with your questions. Unauthorized modifications/repairs, negligence, accidental damage, commercial use, or abuse are not covered by the warranty.

How often should I rinse my diving equipment?

Dive gear should be thoroughly rinsed with fresh water immediately after being used in salt or brackish water, or when used in a pool. The chloride contained in seawater (and chlorine in pool water) will start to cause fabrics and metals to deteriorate if allowed to remain on the equipment for extended periods of time. To keep your equipment looking new, clean it after each use.